Distance Sales Contract

Distance Sales Contract

Article 1. Parties

1.1 - Seller

Title : Köker Şark Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret ltd

Address : Nato Yolu Cad. No:175 Modoko B1 Kapısı Karşısı Y.Dudullu - Ümraniye, İstanbul

Phone : +90 (216) 415 75 04      

1.2 - Buyer

: Name / Surname / Title

Address  :

Phone              :

E-mail    :

Article 2. Subject of the Contract


The subject of this contract, about the buyer’s order electronically made via the seller’s website http://www.patchworkcarpets.com the qualities and selling prices of the products specified in the sale and delivery of related in 4077 on Consumer Protection of the Law and 06/03/2011 in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation Pertaining to the Agreement dated parties to determine his/her rights and obligations.


Article 3. Characteristics of the Goods


 The main characteristics of the goods or services are mentioned on the website http://www.patchworkcarpets.com


Listed and announced prices on the website are the sale prices. Announced prices and promises are valid until they are updated and changed.


Subject to contract, goods or services sale price inclusive of all taxes shown in the following table.


Article 3.1 Delivery Method and Plan

Delivery Address          :           


Consignee/ Recipient  :   


Invoice Information     :        

Product shipments will begin within 7 business days after the end of the campaign.

Shipping fee of the product shipping cost will be paid by buyer.


Article 3.2. Default Interest


Since payment will be made via credit card or in advance, default interest is not applied by seller.



Article 4. General Provisions



4.1) Buyer declares that basic characteristics of the contract product, preliminary information regarding the delivery and payment, selling price on the website http://www.patchworkcarpets.com have been read and has given the necessary confirmation electronically. Buyer, while confirming the preliminary information electronically, before contractual distance contract, has confirmed that he acquired the address must be given to the buyer by the seller, the basic properties of the product order, including tax price of the product, payment and delivery details accurate and complete.


4.2) The Products subject to the Contract shall be delivered to the Buyer or the person/ entity to be designated by the Buyer within the period as prescribed in the preliminary information at the Website depending on the distance of the Buyer to the Seller provided such period shall not exceed 30 days legally allowed delivery period.


4.3) Shipping firm due to any problems encountered in the stage of product delivery to the buyer, the buyer 's order due to failure to deliver the product vendor cannot be held responsible .


4.4) The Seller is liable for delivery of the Products fully, completely and robustly, having he properties stipulated in the order and together with warranty certificate and product manuals, if applicable.


4.5) The Seller may supply product(s) at the same quality and price provided to inform and obtain approval from the Buyer before the expiry of its performance period under the Contract.


4.6) If it will become impossible to conduct the delivery of the product(s) subject to the Contract, the Seller will inform such situation to the Buyer/ Consumer within the period of performance stipulated in the Contract and return the collected amount from the Buyer to him/her in single amount within 10 days.


4.7) It is required to confirm the preliminary information form via the electronic environment for the delivery of the Products. The Seller shall be released of its obligations hereunder in the event of non-payment of the price of the Products or any payment will be cancelled from the bank records for any reason whatsoever.


4.8) If the relevant bank or financing institution will not pay the price of the Products to the Seller due to any unfair or illegal use of the credit cards provided such use will not be due to the faults of the Buyer after the delivery of the Products, the Buyer shall return the Product delivered to him/ her to the Seller within 3 days. The cargo fees related to such return shall be borne by the Buyer.



4.9) The Seller will inform any failure of delivery within the prescribed period due to any force majeure conditions including extremely adverse weather, interruptions in transportation.  In such a case, the Buyer may choose any of the followings: cancel the order, replace the Product(s) with the equivalent product(s), and/or postpone the delivery of the Products until the ceasing of the force majeure condition. In the event of cancellation of the order by the Buyer, the payment collected from him/ her will be returned to him/her within 10 days in cash and single amount. For the payments performed by the buyer via credit card the price of the Products shall be returned to the bank within 7 days from the cancellation. Since there will be a banking process related to the return transaction, the Buyer hereby understands and agrees that the Seller will not be able to control any delays and accordingly shall not be held liable for the period from the return of the amount to the credit card and the reflection may take 2 or 3 weeks in the card account by the bank.


Article 5. Right of Withdrawal


Buyer can use the withdrawal right which is stated in distance sale contract about product sale by rejecting the product without any justification and civil or criminal liability within 7 working days until the delivery of the product to him/her or the person / institution has given as the delivery address. In the distance contracts for the provision of services, this period begins on the date of signing the contract. Before the ending time for the right of withdrawal, Right of withdrawal can not be used in service contracts in which the performing service has been commenced with the consumer’s approval. Costs resulting from the use of the right of withdrawal is at the seller’s expense. In order for the right of withdrawal to be used, it is a stipulation that the seller notify the customer services via e-mail or phone, and that the good/service not be used.

6. It must be used within the framework of the provisions of Article. If the use of this right,


a) The product invoice is delivered to the buyer or third parties. (If the requested to be returned product invoice is corporate, when returning to the institution it must be sent with the  return invoice which was made out by the institution.)


b)  The return form on the back of the bill,


c) The products to be returned must be delivered as complete and undamaged with their box, package and standard accessories.


d) Seller is obliged to accept returned product within 20 days and refund the total cost and debt documents not later than 10 days from the date the seller gets the notice of withdrawal.


e) For some reason, if a reduction occurs in the value of the goods or make the return impossible resulting from the buyer's fault, the buyer shall be obliged to compensate the losses in rate of defects.


f) Due to the use of the right of withdrawal, if shopping voucher falls below the amount of shopping voucher to use in the campaign organized by the SELLER utilized Shopping voucher amount will be canceled.


Article 6.The Goods/Services on Which the Right of Withdrawal Cannot Be



The goods/services which cannot be refunded are listed as follows due to their qualifications: the goods/services which are perishable and expired, the goods for single use, hygienic the good/services, any kind of software and programs which are duplicable. Furthermore, In order for the right of withdrawal to be used in the computer and stationery consumable materials of various media there is the stipulation that the package of the good/service not be opened, distorted, or used.


Article 7. Authorized Court


The implementation of this contract, The Consumer Arbitration Committees and the Consumer Courts located at the place of the Buyer’s domicile and the purchase place of Products shall settle any dispute between the Parties related to the Contract up to the value as declared by the Ministry of Customs and Trade (TR).


The Seller is entitled to give its complaints and objections to the Consumer Arbitration Committees and the Consumer Courts located at the place of the Seller’s domicile and the purchase place of Products shall settle any dispute between the Parties related to the Contract up to the value as declared by the Ministry of Customs and Trade (TR) in December each year.

The information related to such monetary limit value.


As effective from 1/1/2014:

The lower monetary amount on the binding nature of the resolution of the consumer problems arbitration committees in the upper courts or consumer courts as defined in the paragraphs 5 and 6 of the article 22 of the Act Nr 4077 on Consumer Protection as amended is TL 1,272.19 TRY.


* Pursuant to the paragraph three of the article 5 of the Regulation on the Consumer Problems Arbitration Committees as published in the Official Gazette Nr 25186 dated 1/8/2003, the lower monetary limit for the disputes that the provincial arbitration committees are obligated to settle in the provinces considered as large cities is TL 3,321.17 TRY.

This contract is concluded for commercial purposes.



Seller    : Köker Şark Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret ltd.

Buyer    :

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